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We Advertise Individuals and Companies Staying Positive and Following their Passion

With a positive attitude and passion nothing is impossible!


~Positive B White~

Positive B White and DJ Drama in Atlanta, Ga






Brandon White, known professionally as Positive B White® was born August 22, 1986 at Georgia Baptist hospital in Fulton County right in the heart of downtown Atlanta. He attended five different elementary schools before graduating from Pine Ridge Elementary located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. From there, he attended Stephenson middle and high school where he played football, basketball, and ran cross country. He grew up playing a variety of sports including football, basketball, baseball, and ran track. Participating in sports at a young age taught him the value of teamwork amongst other things. Brandon excelled at sports, he was lettered to play collegiate basketball by Hampton University and U.N.C Wilmington. He admits he never had dreams of playing professionally, although he says the money would have been great (laughing).


After high school, he enrolled in college at the University of West Georgia at 17 years  old. Originally he majored in computer science but then switched to business. While at West Georgia, he was very active on campus, participating in intramural sports as well as being a mentor for incoming freshman. At the beginning of college he states it was challenging as he had to make alot of academic adjustments. Eventually he settled in and made the Deans List his senior year. Brandon explains that the highlight of his college career was working an internship with the Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Force in the public relations department. He was able to interview players and served as a liason between the players and the media.


After graduating college, he began working for Delta Airlines in Atlanta. While working for the airline he decided to enhance his educational background by attending the University of Clayton State where he obtained another B.A in Aviation management. In an interview, Brandon states he had a thirst and curiousity to travel so working for an airline was the perfect transition for him.

Positive B White and WVSU Point Guard Brent Bauer
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