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Positive Passionate Motivated Advertisin
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Positive Passionate Motivated

Advertising LLC


Our company mission is to motivate and encourage individuals and companies to stay positive and pursue their passion.


-We offer superior advertising services as well as general publicity.


-We conduct interviews with video and music producers , directors, professional athletes, musicians, comedians, etc.


- We specialize in internet-based advertising


- We provide innovative techniques to quickly promote and generate brand awareness to consumers without previous knowledge of the product/service.


- We instill self-confidence within our clients and allow them to walk in faith.



Do all you can to make your dreams come true ~ Joel Osteen


Why You Need To Be Social To Win
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Positive B White ®

is passionate about providing advertising and advertisement services; television advertising; magazine advertising; newspaper advertising; online advertising and promotional services. Also, he aims to promote the goods, services, brand identity and commercial information along with news of third parties through print, audio, video, digital and on-line medium



Motivational Speaking Services/ Event Hosting

Prices Start at $99 and up USD

Marketing and Advertising Services Start at $99 and Up USD

Positive B White®
Interview with Kevin Lloyd son of the first African American NBA player Earl Francis Lloyd. Please like and share Thanks! #staypositivefollowyourpassion
Positive B White speaks with Chelsea Smith @iam_chelseaspeaks about her Women are Dope Conference and the release of her new book
We caught up with celebrity bodyguard _b

Celebrity Bodyguard Bubba


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